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Safeguarding your Information

At Paritor we manage pupil data for nearly 1 million pupils across the UK and security is paramount to us. We will not only ensure that your data is safe, we also take care of it in a way which is going to benefit your team. By making use of Cloud data hosting we can ensure that your information is protected and you retain full ownership. Learn more about hosted data below.

What is Data Hosting?

Cloud computing is a way of accessing your information through a complex network involving the internet. Instead of just accessing your data from the box in the corner, you now access your data via an internet connection. This gives you so many additional benefits which you can learn about below.

How do we Use it?

At Paritor, we hold our customers data in secure data centres run by Microsoft Azure. The facilities and teams that Microsoft Azure provide enable us to deliver an unbeatable level of protection, back up and uptime for your data. Microsoft comply with ISO 27001 which is an international standard outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Microsoft Azure has also been awarded Impact Level 2 (IL2) accreditation, enhancing Microsoft and its partner offerings on the current G-Cloud procurement Framework and CloudStore. Please download our security statement to view this ISO certificate in more detail.

How will it help?


  • Hosting your data on the Cloud enables you to access your data wherever you need it
  • It allows you to work from a variety of platforms and;
  • It ensures that whatever is going on in your offices (snow/strike) you will still be able to access the information you need from home


  • Holding your data in a box in your office isn't safe. Hosting your data on the cloud protects you from loss damage or theft of your important information.
  • Cutting edge data centre security procedures mean that you will benefit from economies of scale and will achieve a much higher level of data security than is obtainable in-house
  • Cloud hosted data is backed up daily, weekly, monthly and annually

Cost and Maintenance

  • Hosted data solutions are often a lot more flexible financially. As opposed to buying a one off license you can now pay on a monthly basis and "bump-up" the number of users you pay for as your business grows.
  • Using Cloud solutions also means that you no longer have to worry about the maintenance of your systems or your data as everything is automatically upgraded.
  • Increase your independence from your IT department as more of the services you need are taken care of automatically


  • The most beneficial element of cloud computing is the ability to put more people in touch with the information they need wherever they need it. This is enabling us to bring together more people than ever before and enable your parents, teachers and schools to access real time information.

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