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Defining the next academic year and progressing schedules

Our support consultant Pete explains how to define the new Calendar, set availability, progress the Schedules and Diary Entries and progress Pupils’ tuition using Ensemble...

You may well be panicking about everything you’ve got to do before the start of the next academic year. But fear not! Read our handy guide on how best to define the new Calendar, set availability, progress the Schedules and Diary Entries and progress Pupils’ tuition using Ensemble (and relax!).

Firstly, you will need to Set up the Calendar:

To do this you will need to put in new terms for the next academic year (remember that the term end date is the first day of the holiday).

Change the year to the new academic year, then select the appropriate term length on the toolbar to create a set of terms, making sure to enter in Non-working days if you need to before you progress your schedules. If you have any teachers or schools that have additional Non-working days you will need to record this on their Schedules before starting the progression.

After this process you will be able to send out the School Contract Advice report, if you are billing schools.

Once the calendar has been defined you can then progress the schedule:

You can select to manually do this by creating a set of new Activities Plans at each Venue or you can extend your existing Schedules into the new Academic Year and create the related Diary Entries. If extending your schedules, make sure that the lessons that are sure to end at the end of the current year have an end-date on them to prevent them from being progressed.

Remember that any Wider Opportunities or First Access activities won’t be progressed.

When you come to progress your Schedules, if you want to progress the academic year that you’re currently in you’ll need to select it from the ‘Academic Year to Progress From’ list.

You can then change the day, time, teacher, etc. if it needs changing under the next academic years’ schedule.

You can then send out the School Service Level Agreement contract if you are billing schools. Before sending these out you should calculate the billing first.

Once this is all done, and if you bill schools not pupils, you can start to send out teacher contracts and schedules and delivering lessons.

If you have set up your Activity Plans for the new Academic Year you can now progress Pupils from the current year into the new academic year.

This process works its way through all the Pupils that have tuition for the Provision Type selected and do not have a finish date in the current year. If they aren’t continuing with their chosen activity, make sure you add in a finish date against it before progressing your pupils.

If you have any Year 6 pupils moving onto secondary school, be sure to add the new school to their Pupil Record Card and add an end date for their primary school before progressing.

For each Pupil it looks to see if they are in the same School by checking the School list defined on the Pupil Record Card

If they are and the existing schedule has been extended into the new academic year it simply extends their Pupil tuition into the new terms.

If they have changed School or a new set of activities have been created, the system looks for a similar lesson and transfers them to that lesson.

If the pupil is in a First Access lesson, it will end date them automatically.

Don’t worry, we’ve also got a step by step guide here if you’re still unsure. Please feel free to raise a support ticket or give us a call on 01395 445092 if you need any further help.


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