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Know where your instruments are

Your instruments and equipment are valuable. Make sure you know where they are, with whom and when.

If you run a busy tuition organisation then it's likely that you'll also be looking after lots of resources.

Keeping track of your instruments, sheet music and other equipment using the Ensemble Resource management tools will save you time and will ensure that you always have a clear picture of any hires, loans and repairs.

Key Features

Bill Automatically

Based on the hires and loans you've established, Ensemble will automatically raise charges and will then either invoice for this or add the charge to an existing tuition invoice.

Monitor Repairs

Book instruments into repair and list all relevant details including repairs, cost, dates and any instrument disposal.

Maintain an Overview

The resource management tools are going to help you to maintain an overview of where your stock is kept, which instruments are due for returned and which are overdue. This will help you to keep the resources you need to deliver tuition safe.

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